Day 5 (final) Roma Camp Photos

Late, but only because of uploading difficulties. Many thanks to Tomson, Lisa, and Bin; Tomson mostly for editing, everyone else for their support with the blog! It was at the campfire on day 4 that we did the altar call. Eight to ten kids came to accept the Lord that day, and we also did a re-commitment for kids that came last year and that returned this year.

We decided to keep day 5 casual and familiar, so we took them out for a hike to a nearby lake.

Hiking prep. Everybody needs water, and the Ukranian diet prefers lots of sugary snacks!



The lakeside around which we hiked. Unfortunately, we don't have many other clear shots, because there are so many trees and bushes along the trail.



We encounter on our hike an actual goat herder; further emphasis on the agricultural focus of the local region.



We in North America don't touch fruit or berry bushes/trees because of potential pesticides that might be sprayed on them, or because they might belong to somebody. In Ukraine, public services pretty much never spray pesticides, and owners are very lax about fruits and berries being picked and eaten by passer-bys. Our kids demolish a blackberry bush's offspring that we encountered during the walk.


After the hike, we performed a closing ceremony with some final words from the leaders and translators. We also gave some gifts both in general to everybody and to best performing kids who listened, lead, performed as groups, kept clean rooms, etc.

Bin catches the kids attention with a magic trick before the closing ceremony begins.



Now that we cleaned up the hut and are leaving it, it feels kinda lonely looking.