Roma Daycamps, Day 2 Start

Today's Roma day camp will take place at a Roma settlement, but this one is unique, in more ways than one.For one thing, it's in the middle of the poor quarters of Uzhgorod, rather than typically being at the fringes of the city boundaries. Here the Roma rub shoulders with Ukrainians below the poverty line on a daily basis. In fact, thanks to outside intervention, facilitated by the House of Mercy, these Roma may actually be better off than their neighbours materially, as well as spiritually.

They're already waiting for us. AND THEY'RE SITTING! (This is big! They are the most well-behaved children we have ever had!) IMG_0278 They even have they own worship leaders! IMG_0281 Well, I'll also be sharing my testimony here. Let me give myself over to God once more, and forever in the future.