Roma Day camp 1

Andrew will be posting a more proper Roma day camp blog soon.I will just share with you some photos...

We visited some of the Roma teens today along with running a Roma settlement day camp with around 120 to 150 kids and children. It was quite busy trying to keep them busy and interested about the day camp. Weather was quite hot. We ran our program under the hot sun for a few hours... It was quite exhausted with the weather situation.

We had singing, drama, testimony sharing and craft time with many children. Then we arrange some lunches for them before we clean up and heads back to the children centre.

In the afternoon, we also visited some Roma settlement, see the progress of a church building project and visited some needy families.

In the evening, we also went out to visit some village children and poor families.

It was a long a busy day for all of us...some of us are getting a bit "ill" Please pray for our health as we have a busy day tomorrow.