Discipleship Day 2, Visitations & Hair cuts!

Today we finished our 2nd day of discipleship.  In the younger kids class, we talked about how God is just & always fair.  In the teens discipleship class, we talked about dating & relationships.  In the afternoon, the teens were able to ask a panel of married couples (Valera/Anja, Vova/Lisa, Colin/Tiffany) questions about dating.  We were very impressed by the questions that the teens asked as it showed the real issues they are facing.  In the afternoon, the House of Mercy kids also did a sand art appreciation for the staff, led by Pauline.  The result is a beautiful piece of art for display that the staff can keep.  Each layer represents a child who had a word of thanks for a staff member. Late afternoon, we split into 2 groups.  One group went for visitations & were able to see some of the kids that came to our camp last week.  It seemed that the kids were very happy to see us!  We were able to give out more of Elijah's coloring books & Band-Aids to lots of the kids.  You can see in the pictures that the kids have been very happy to receive them.

The second group (Dan, Pauline & Tiffany) was able to get their hair cut by Oksana, one of the teens from House of Mercy that now has a stable job as a hairdresser.  She did an amazing job for all of us & we're so proud of what she has been able to achieve & the person that she has become.  She is very talented & did her very best for all of us.  Below we included a picture of Oksana cutting Dan's hair.  We know a few of you in Canada would be very proud of what she was able to do for him!