Roma Camp Day 2

The Day 2 of the Roma Camp was at a different location where there were a mix of Roma people and Ukrainian poor families. We partnered with a location church that had been working with House of Mercy for some children meal once a week. Usually, there are about 50 children attending, but today we have more children showing up as singing started. At the end we have over 100 children at the day camp. It is amazing to see children coming in to the back yard as the program goes by.

We learnt from yesterday's program and added different crafts for different age groups. Thank God for materials provided by the House of Mercy team, we can provide additional crafts for these children.

We started off with their singing and praise and worship. Then we introduce our team along with Vasya, our local helpers Lera and Andriana. Also special helps from Solveig and Annette (Norway friends from KPK). We have singing, prayer time, Andrew's testimony, passion play drama, altar call and craft time, etc.

We thank God for about 25 to 30 children raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ. May God bless these children as they need to continue to grow in Him.

Here are some photos our Day 2 Roma Camp....