Day 11.0 - Monday, Aug. 3rd

I decided to split this day up in a few post because half of our day was spent with the HOM kids in various workshop / lessons, and then other half we went to visit some of the kids that came to our camp last week. The latter half is a story on its own. We started off the morning with singing!


Colin... you've been replaced...


Tiffany, Lisa, and I were in the English class.



Afterward we had a "Photography" class... They are learning to "Frame" a shot...


They also have to learn to share as they partnered up.


At lunch we met Pastor John, we learned so much from his experience as he talked (he know some english) about why he came and some of the incident that scared me... He was once beaten up quite badly by a few Romani teens while he was looking for a settlement on his bike. Ivan found him bleeding on the road and took him to the hospital. After he recovered he went back, some of them ask for forgiveness. He's also here with his family, a young son daugther whom we met today at the Outreach event. Tough being Missionary kids, especially here...


One thing he also speak on is how important to develop Leaders in the settlements instead of coming to do events. People expect food and supplies from foreign groups, but what they really need is leaders to change their thinking and lifestyle from within.