Day 11.4 - Visitation #4

As we head into our last visitation of the day we found one of the girl who only came for the first day of the camp. She was sick and could not be with us for the rest of last week... There's approx. 10 families in this hidden "compound"... IMG_4198

We then found Valek and his sisters, but his brother Sasha just left for the market...


... where her mother works and sells these we think...


But as we were about to leave, Sasha came back! We really wanted to see him!


We finally got to take a group pictures with all the kids!


An interesting story with this family, they were going to be evicted last year (A giant crane nearly killed them when it came crashing down one day...) and a new condo/supermarket was going to be built on that land. The team from last year pray over them throughout the year and God answered with the GLOBAL RECESSION. Because of the recession, constructions was halted and many families was able to stayed... They would have no where else to go if they are evicted...