Day 12.6 - Visitations....

As we headed out to visitation that day we found many of the kids wasn't home (out to the river as it was a hot day...) IMG_4274



The older children was away today in this home... only the parents and the younger ones were home... note the giant hole covered by fences at the door...


We headed to our last stop of the day (Traffic was insane today as one of the road closed...)


And the children were home!!





As you might have noticed, they have a lot of kittens...


After we left we asked why do people have so many children? We found out parents receive  more and more money with each successive child. The parents can leave the children at the state orphanage but retain their parental rights and still receive monthly financial aid from the state. The money don't follow the child... We have heard stories where father gives up his baby for money to buy a horse... and mother who had a child only to give them up to receive money to fix their house...