August 4, 2009 Romani Outreach Camp

God is awesome!   We praise God for His provision and protection for our Day 1 Camp at the Romani Settlement.
We got through the first day without any incidents.  We arrived early to set up the tents to provide some shade for the children while the local pastors and helpers setting up a big tarp over the side of the church to provide shade for the stage area.
We worked together and all our tents were up and can stand against some strong wind.  Children started to show up at around 10:00a.m.  Slowly more children from the Romani settlement show up.  Then 2 mini-bus load of children arrived.  As the excitement builds up, we were trying to keep the children in order.
Thank God for the local helpers and pastors.  They know how to manage their children (i.e. speaking their language)  God also provided body guards for us.  There are a few helpers were in the front carrying big stick to "control" the crowd and block any children who got too excited and trying to come up to the stage area.

He provided a sheet of white cloud on top of our meeting area.  This provided a much needed shade for us  and the children so that we can carry on with our program.  We have songs from us and the local praise team.  The children were very excited in singing songs along with actions.

We then took a break for snack and drink.  Then local pastor preached on Daniel Chapter 3. The Three friends that did not bow to idol....
Children were very excited about the sermon as we can keep hearing Amen..Amen.  We have to use double translation, but we try to keep it simple and allowing mainly Ukrainian and Hungarian.
By the time we are eating lunch, the sheet of cloud is moving away.  Blue sky without cloud = hot under the sun again.   Time to go.

Andrea watching over some of the early arrival children

Calvin and Lisa are working hard to put up tents for Romani children

Valery told us he counted about 140 children at the time of singing.

Walking in the Light is a great hit with the Romani children

We thank God for providing a sheet of cloud to block the strong sunlight from the outreach area.

At the end of the program, the sheet of cloud is gone.

Game time: Boys Vs. Girls in a 4-legged relay race.  Here is a team of teens ready for action.    We were told that it is not uncommon for 13 years old teenage girl to have babies.

Local praise team led us for a couple of songs.  They are very musical.