Day 15 - Friday, Aug 7th

Friday, our time is coming to an end here at HOM... Today the team(Few of the team member rotate during morning & afternoon) and the staff left for their Staff Retreat! As we start out our day with song and game (Telephone charade) we see some of the kids bring their toy (AND their gift bag) to the meeting hall. They really love the gifts you gave them!


After the english class we had work books, coloring books and balloons for the kids to enjoy their free time.


Ljuda was cutting her new workbook she got!


Oksana was learning some hair cutting technique with her new hair dresser tools! (THX to the SU family!)



During the evening we took everyone(Kids and Staff) out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate the end of the 2 weeks!



After dinner we played with the kids for a bit more since we know our time with them is nearly over ...